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Cell Salt Solutions

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The following is an excerpt from 12 Essential Minerals for Cellular Health by David R. Card:

Cell Salt Solutions are combinations of cell salts you can put together to satisfy the cellular needs of the body systems. It is best to use a combination of all the salts listed under each condition, or use individual salts if indicated.

Stick to one Cell Salt Solution until the condition or dis-ease improves. The water bottle - put your cell salt solution in hereresults can show up in days, weeks, or months for those with chronic conditions.Acute conditions usually respond within hours or days.

To make your own Cell Salt Solution, place 2 - 10 tablets of each cell salt in a 12 to 24-ounce water bottle and shake. Sip on it during the day. You may use one or all cell salts in a formula, according to your own needs.

Have fun! -- Dave

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These solutions are only a part of what is in the book.

Abscess: a bacterial infection from poor immune function.
Calc Sulph – clearing infection
Ferr Phos – inflammation
Kali Mur – swelling
Silicea – chronic infections

Acne, teenage: May come from poor eating habits and hormonal

Calc Sulph – detoxification and infection
Ferr Phos – inflammation
Kali Mur – white mucus discharges
Nat Mur – clear discharges

Anemia: A complicated issue that causes a low iron condition.
Iron supplements often constipate because of iron toxicity.
Calc Phos – stimulates bone marrow for red blood cell production
Ferr Phos – iron absorption
Nat Mur – iron absorption

Anxiety caused by stress and nervous condition. Females should explore hormone issues.
Kali Phos – in all nervous conditions
Mag Phos – muscular tension
Nat Mur – anxiety from grief

Arthritis: Painful inflammation of the joints.
Nat Phos – acidity in the body
Ferr Phos – inflammation, and fevers
Kali Mur – to dissolve mucus
Silicea – to dissolve scar tissue, and stop infections

Asthma: Chest tightness and inability to breathe.
Kali Phos – stress induced
Nat Sulph – damp weather
Mag Phos – chest tightness or spasms
Kali Sulph – worse from heat

Blood Pressure: For high blood pressure continue medication, and slowly come off drugs under a doctor’s supervision, while using the cell salt solution.

High Blood Pressure: Caused by a stressful lifestyle.
Calc Fluor – connective tissues
Ferr Phos – inflammation, and fevers
Silicea – connective tissue
Kali Phos – nervous high blood pressure

Low Blood Pressure: Caused by nervous conditions.
Biochemic Phosphates – Supports the nerves and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Boils: Toxicity that comes to the surface of the skin. May use as a pack to promote suppuration.
Calc Fluor – hard boils
Calc Sulph – pus, yellow discharges
Silicea – pus discharges

Candida Albicans: A genus of yeast (fungi family). Its function is to control carbohydrate metabolism. Given enough unrefined sugars, it will take over and create a multitude of symptoms which are too numerous to explain here. Discharges are seen on the tongue, or are vaginal.
Nat Phos – acidity, creamy discharges
Calc Sulph – toxicity, yellow discharges
Nat Sulph – liver support, yellow discharges

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome: Inflammation of the tendons of the wrists.
Calc Fluor – connective tissue
Calc Phos – tendon support
Ferr Phos – inflammation
Mag Phos – muscular pain

Cataracts: Calcium deposits on the eyes. Use as long as the eyes don’t get worse. It may take several months.
Calc Fluor – proper calcium absorption
Calc Sulph – toxicity
Nat Phos – over-acidity
Silicea – calcium deposits, scars

Chicken Pox: A childhood disease designed to mature and
strengthen the immune system.
The cell salts help the immune
system to clear the body faster.
Calc Sulph – toxicity, yellow discharge
Ferr Phos – inflammation, first stage
Kali Mur – inflammation, second stage, mucus conditions
Nat Mur – watery discharges

Colds: Usually from bacterial condition, from toxicity. The bacteria have the job to carry away the toxins. These cell salts help the body to reduce toxins.
Ferr Phos – inflammation, low fever
Kali Mur – mucus congestion, medium fever
Nat Mur – clear runny discharges
Add Calc Sulph, only if discharges are yellow

Colic: Indigestion in babies, but also helpful in adult digestion.
Put in water and give a few drops on the tongue every few minutes; reduce the frequency as symptoms improve.
Nat Sulph – bad gas
Kali Sulph – liver, digestive support
Mag Phos – to relax the bowels

Constipation: Normally, you should have 1 to 3 bowel movements a day. If not, use more fiber; flax or psyllium fiber is desirable.
Kali Mur – to remove mucus
Nat Mur – excessive dryness
Nat Phos – to remove acidity
Nat Sulph – to support the liver

Exhaustion, mostly from stress. This combination helps pick up the energy.
Biochemic Phosphates – nervous exhaustion
Add Nat Mur – for grief situations

Fevers, especially in children: Use as long as you feel safe without other professional medical help; or take the person to a doctor. Cell salts can be used along with doctor’s medications. Add Calc Sulph for detoxifying. Use these cell salts individually or together in combination.
Ferr Phos – low fevers (102°F or lower)
Kali Mur – medium fevers (102°F - 104°F)
Kali Sulph – high fevers (103°F - 106°F)

Hot Flashes: Menopausal symptoms of heat and flushing.
Ferr Phos – low-grade inflammation and heat
Kali Phos – nervous conditions
Kali Sulph – hormonal issues and sweating
Silicea – inflammations associated with hot flashes and heat in general

Hypoglycemia: Pancreatic weakness, low blood sugar.
Shakiness when hungry.
Calc Phos – digestive help
Kali Phos – nervous conditions
Nat Phos – over-acidity, digestive conditions
Nat Sulph – liver and pancreas support

Morning Sickness: Nausea during pregnancy. Safe at all times.
Kali Phos – nervousness
Nat Mur – digestion
Nat Phos – over-acid conditions

Muscle Pains: May also be used externally in a gel or cream.
Ferr Phos – inflammation
Mag Phos – muscular pain or cramping
Nat Phos – over-acidity
Silicea – connective tissue integrity

Nasal Congestion: This formula helps the body to remove mucus. Stay away from dairy products and sweets.
Ferr Phos – to reduce nasal inflammation
Kali Mur – to reduce mucus and congestion
Nat Mur – to reduce dryness with congestion

Self esteem, low.
Kali Phos – nervous conditions and depression
Nat Mur – grieving and depression
Silicea – timidity

Thyroid problems: Basedow’s disease.
Ferr Phos – inflammation
Kali Phos – nervous conditions
Mag Phos – muscle and heart conditions
Nat Mur – metabolism and thyroid

Toothache pain, for various reasons. In acute conditions, put in hot water and sip as needed.
Calc Phos – calcium absorption
Ferr Phos – inflammation
Mag Phos – sharp pains

Weight loss: Use in conjunction with food reduction and daily exercise.
Calc Phos – digestion, proper stomach acid production
Nat Mur – emotional eating
Kali Phos – nervous eating
Nat Phos – toxicity, acidity

© Copyright 2012 David R. Card, All rights reserved.

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