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pH Balance Herbs Class Notes

The term pH refers to the relative amounts of hydrogen in a give chemical environment. In this case it is in the body; the lower the number, the greater the hydrogen concentration or acidity as we know it. Battery acid is around the pH of 2 as well as our own stomach acidity.

Our stomach needs the right acidity to create and environment scalewhere first food can be broken down, and second where bacteria and viruses can be killed. This is the first line of defense for our immune system. Again, the stomach needs to have acidity, but the pH of your stomach acid and the pH of the body are different. Foods we eat affect the body and can cause the body to be more acidic or more alkaline.

Body pH acid conditions can foster symptoms of...

For a full printable copy of the class notes click the link below to download the free PDF Class Notes for pH Balance Herbs.

Includes: Information about pH, Alkalizing Morning Smoothie, Candida and Parasite Herbs

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